"Waiting for, wanting and not quite having somebody."

2 years ago

OUVRE COMPENSATING: "Waiting for, wanting and not quite having somebody." (1993): Despite cosplaying as Richard Lewis, the one idol Tim ever wanted to be was Paul Westerberg. But not as the sloppy frontman off the legendary Replacements that gets written of in legend, Instead, TIm copped from his fairly forgotten solo work of the 1990s. And today he and Bob discuss why this was more than just a world class fad.

00:00:00 - NO PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Bob and Tim get right to it ... sort of / "Down Love"
00:03:14 - REPLACEMENT PARTS - deciding "I'll Be You" while "Waiting For Somebody"
00:12:12 - GO WEST(ERBERG) - Tim goes solo without really joining the band
00:18:44 - THAT ONE FRIEND - finding Violent Femmes in High School
00:26:53 - (NEARLY) 14 REASONS WHY - wearing Westerberg on his sleeve
00:40:09 - SOMETHING IS (A LITTLE LIKE) ME - an emotional reference point, circa 1993
00:45:32 - SAD DAD ROCK VOL. 1 - Finally getting to "Eventually"
00:52:51 - MATS-URITY - echoes of the Replacements
00:57:27 - SAD DAD ROCK VOL. 2 - a saccharine sounding board
01:01:31 - FINAL HURRAH - encapsulating the '90s in only three albums (well ... at least two)
01:05:17 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plus and no catchphrase / "Love Untold"

See Paul Westerberg goes solo for the first time with "First Glimmer" on 120 MINUTES HERE.

Watch David Letterman know who he is with a 1996 performance of "Love Untold" from The Late Show With David Letterman HERE.

Listen to one of Tim's favorite live Paul Westerberg performances with "It's A Wonderful Lie" from ... ahm ... a British program ... of sorts(?) ... HERE.

Read the 1993 Rolling Stone interview with Paul Westerberg that coincided with the release of 14 SONGS HERE.

And watch Tim's favorite live musical moment ever (02:16 ) in this 1985 performance of the Replacements from Saturday Night Live HERE.

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“Down Love” performed by Paul Westerberg off his 1993 solo debut (that wasn't 1991's ALL SHOOK DOWN by The Replacements) 14 SONGS.
"Love Untold" performed by Paul Westerberg off his 1996 album EVENTUALLY (and numerous Tim-produced mix tapes of the time).

All Pearl Jam songa featured in this episode were taken in sequentially listed order off a well worned and well-listened to copy of their 1993 album VS.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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